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Application Development Tool for iPhone/iPad


The application development tool for iPhone/iPad (Brother Print SDK for iPhone/iPad) introduced here is a development tool compatible with iPhone/iPad.

Brother Print SDK for iPhone/iPad Ver.3.1.12

The Brother Print SDK for iPhone/iPad is a tool to enable printing from your iPhone/iPad to our product of PocketJet series, MPrint series, and RJ series.
You can incorporate a print function into an application you already use that allows printing from Brother products.


The Brother Print SDK for iPhone/iPad consists of libraries, documents, and sample projects. The folder structure is as follows.

SDK folder License agreement and list of redistributable files
.\BRPtouchPrinterKit.framework Print library main body (Framework)*1
.\BRPtouchPrinterKitW.framework Print library main body (Framework)*2
.\Samples Sample projects
  • *1 To support both Wi-Fi® connected printers and MFi-certified printers, or to support MFi-certified printers only
  • *2 To support Wi-Fi® connected printers only

System requirement

Development tool

Xcode 8, Xcode 9

*: For these installation methods, please check each software website

Supported devices

Target mobile devices Version 6.0 and [or] over (ver.3.1.4 or earlier)
Version 7.0 and [or] over (ver.3.1.5 - 3.1.9)
Version 8.0 and [or] over (ver.3.1.10 or later)
Supported interface Wireless LAN, Bluetooth®
Target development languages Objective-C

Confirmed compatibility with iOS 11

Target models

Brother MFi devices with Bluetooth® - iOS App Approval Process


Brother Print SDK for iPhone/iPad Ver.1.2.8

For details on the Ver. 1.2.8, refer to the document in the package you downloaded.

Target models

Brother Print SDK for iPhone/iPad Update History

  • Ver.3.1.12 08/02/2019
    • Added support for bitcode.
    • Added function of database transfer for PT-E550W.
    • Fixed minor issues.
  • Ver.3.1.10 05/09/2019

    Added TD-4410D, TD-4420DN, TD-4520DN, TD-4550DNWB to the target printers.

  • Ver.3.1.9 09/25/2018

    Added RJ-4250WB to the target printers.

  • Ver.3.1.7 06/06/2018

    Added RJ-4230B to the target printers.

  • Ver.3.1.6 03/21/2018

    Added support for Xcode 9.

  • Ver.3.1.5 02/06/2018

    Added QL-1110NWB to the target printers.

  • Ver.3.1.1 05/15/2017

    Fixed minor issues.

  • Ver.3.1.0 03/27/2017

    Added support for Xcode 7, Xcode 8

  • Ver.3.0.8 01/17/2017

    Fixed minor issues.

  • Ver.3.0.7 01/06/2017
    • Added RJ-3050Ai, RJ-3150Ai, QL-810W, QL-820NWB, TD-2120N, TD-2130N to the target printers.
    • Added APIs as setAutoConnectBluetooth and isAutoConnectBluetooth.
  • Ver.3.0.6 10/14/2016
    • Added RJ-2150, RJ-2140, RJ-2050, QL-710W, QL-720NW, PT-E550W, PT-P750W, PT-D800W, PT-E800W, PT-E850TKW, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW to the target printers.
    • Added function of P-touch Template transfer.
    • Added scaling function.
    • Revised the properties of BRPtouchPrintInfo.
    • Changed the MAX value of nCustomWidth.
    • Added function of setCustomPaperFile.
    • Added paper size list to strPaperName.
    • Added errors to BRPtouchPrinter class. (ERROR_BUFFER_FULL / ERROR_TUBE_EMPTY / ERROR_TUBE_RIBBON_EMPTY)
  • Ver.3.0.5 07/08/2016
    • Added support for IPv6.
    • Added new framework(BRPtouchPrinterKitW.framework).

      BRPtouchPrinterKitW.framework : Apps to support only Wi-Fi® connection printers
      BRPtouchPrinterKit.framework : Apps to support both Wi-Fi® connection and MFi-certified printers or only MFi-certified printers

  • Ver.3.0.4 05/18/2016

    Added PJ-673, RJ-4030Ai, RJ-4040, RJ-3050, RJ-3150 to the target printers.

  • Ver.3.0.3a 04/05/2016

    Added MW-145MFi, MW-260MFi to the target printers.

  • Ver.3.0.3 12/08/2015
    • Dropped : skipStatusCheck
    • Added : bBidirection
  • Ver.3.0.2 11/03/2015
    • Added support for compatibility with iOS 9.
    • Fixed minor issues.
  • Ver.1.2.8 07/08/2016

    Added support for IPv6.

  • Ver.1.2.7 11/03/2015
    • Combined 32-bit-only and 64-bit-compatible frameworks into one universal framework.
    • Added a new paper size "60mm x 86mm" for QL printers.

      (In order to print with this newly added paper size, you need to replace the old PTD files (bsq71wad.ptd and bsq72wad.ptd) with the new ones)

    • Fixed an issue that is believed to cause some building errors. (Apple Mach-O Linker Error)
  • Ver.1.2.6 12/12/2014

    Method isPrinterReady is now supporting PJ-673.

  • Ver.1.2.5 10/21/2014
    • Added support for compatibility with iOS 8.
    • Previous versions (before iOS 5) will not be guaranteed anymore.
    • Added Sample Project for AirPrint.
    • Improved quality for PDF printing (printPDFAtPath:pages:length:timeout.).
    • Improved memory efficiency for PDF printing (printPDFAtPath:pages:length:timeout.).
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes may result in a full buffer error or image extraction failure (PJ-673).
  • Ver.1.2.4 08/04/2014
    • Added RJ-3050, RJ-3150 to the target printers.
    • Added support for A5 paper for PJ-673.
    • Updated RJ-4040 ptd file.
    • Added support for search for multiple printers.
    • Removed warning.
    • Updated Sample application.
    • Updated document.
    • Fixed minor issues.
  • Ver.1.2.3 05/06/2014

    • Added PT-E550W, PT-P750W to the target printers.
    • Added support for arm64.
    • Added the method "printPDFAtPath" for supporting PDF file print (PJ-673 only).
    • Added support for search for multiple printers.
    • Improved search for printers.
  • Ver.1.2.2 12/26/2013

    Fixed minor issues.

  • Ver.1.2.1 11/06/2013

    Added QL-710W, QL-720NW to the target printers.

  • Ver.1.2.0 04/23/2013

    Added TD-2120N, TD-2130N to the target printers.

  • Ver.1.1.2 02/28/2013

    Fixed minor issues.

  • Ver.1.1.1 11/19/2012

    Added support for armv7s(iPhone 5).

  • Ver.1.1.0

    Fixed minor issues. (At printing, print data is saved to the camera roll.)

  • Ver.1.0.0 10/04/2012

    First version is available.


For Developers

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  • Command Reference

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  • Video Library

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  • Contact Us

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