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Application Development Tool for Microsoft .NET Compact Framework


The application development tool for Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (MPrint SDK for .NET Compact Framework (MPrint & PocketJet SDK)) introduced here is a development tool compatible with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework platform.

The latest MPrint & PocketJet SDK for .NET Compact Framework uses raster command, Brother's proprietary command system. In this system, bitmap images consisting of black and white dots are created and printed. A print image is created in a format similar to the screen created on Windows Mobile.

ESC/P command is the traditionally used print control system. In this system, a printer analyzes text-base ASCII data, converts them into print data, and prints them.
As an example, consider to print a bar code. If we use raster command, it is easy to print data including images. However after creation of the bar code, we need to create the print image data of the bar code additionally.
If we use ESC/P command, since a bar code is created inside the printer, we can control everything by commands. However, we need additional work of checking whether printing result is as expected.

P-touch Template is a new feature first added to MW-260. Utilizing the advantages of ESC/P command, this is Brother's proprietary print system that further facilitates printing. Data preparation is necessary on the printer side beforehand. Save data in a format of "template," and define a rule to analyze received data by the printer setting. Just sending simple ASCII data from the host device, the data are put into the saved template and printed. Since a user can design a template on a PC, a printed image is easily to imagine. Note that the printing from the start to the end may take a long time when:

  • ROM capacity is small
  • Design is complex

For details on the P-touch Template, see MPrint P-touch Template Command Reference.

Please understand the differences in the command system between above SDKs, and select an SDK suitable for your purpose of printing.

MPrint & PocketJet SDK for .NET Compact Framework Ver.4.1.0

The MPrint & PocketJet SDK for .NET Compact Framework is a tool to enable printing from your PDA or smart phone (compatible with .NET Compact Framework) to our products of the MPrint, PocketJet, and RJ series.
You can incorporate a print function into an application you already use that allows printing from Brother products.

  • Note) To develop an application by using the MPrint & PocketJet SDK for .NET Compact Framework, programming knowledge is required.


The MPrint & PocketJet SDK for .NET Compact Framework consists of libraries, documents, and sample projects.

Operating environment

Development environment

An environment where Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008 operates.

  • Note) The MPrint & PocketJet SDK for .NET Compact Framework includes no development environment.
    Download a necessary development environment (Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK, etc.) from the Microsoft download site.
    You also need to purchase a development environment for programming (Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008) separately.

Supported hosts (PDA)

A terminal compatible with the following environments

Supported OSs Windows Mobile 6.x Professional
Windows Mobile 6.x Classic
Windows Mobile 6.x Standard
Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows CE
Development languages C#, Visual Basic
Supported frameworks .NET Compact Framework
Ver.1.0, Ver.2.0, Ver.3.5
  • Note) For host-specific problems, contact each host manufacturer.

Supported models


How to update an application

Use the latest library to recompile your application.

Validated Microsoft Windows Mobile/CE products

The operations of this SDK have been checked for the following products.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.x Professional/6.x Classic/6.x Standard-equipped model NTT DoCoMo T-01A, NTT DoCoMo HT-02A, WILLCOM 03, SoftBank X01T, NTT DoCoMo F1100, SoftBank X02HT
Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-equipped model NTT DoCoMo hTc Z, SoftBank X01HT, iPAQ hx2410, Dell X51v
Microsoft Windows CE 5.0-equipped model CASIO DT-5300, Pocket@iEX


  • - For X01T, USB printing may be unstable.
  • - For DT-5300, the last several dot lines cannot be printed when printing with the PocketJet series via Bluetooth®.

MPrint & PocketJet SDK for .NET Compact Framework Update History

  • Ver.4.1.0 04/23/2013

    Add TD-2120N/2130N to the target printers.

  • Ver.4.0.0 02/03/2012

    Add RJ-4030/4040 to the target printers.


For Developers

  • Choose from Purposes

    Label printing, printer setup and management information.

  • b-PAC

    Information on application development tools for Windows

  • Mobile SDK

    Information on application development tools for mobile terminals

  • Command Reference

    Information on control command reference for label printers and mobile printers

  • Choose from Models

    Introduction of Brother tools applicable to your model

  • Video Library

    Videos showing how to use SDK and other information

  • Contact Us

    Fill out the contact us form if you have questions about Brother developer tool.

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